About Sean

Passion meets innovation

Sean is a passionate creative/entrepreneur who uses his skills to create compelling content for small businesses.

He is the author of the book Social Media From the Ground Up, and the upcoming report “Influencer Advantage” where he teaches business owners how to leverage expert interviews and social media to increase their business. He also hosts the Chester County Igniters Podcast where he interviews passionate business owners in ways to help local residents live better and is head producer at Igniter Creative, a production company that turns small business owners into local celebrities.

He’s passionate about meaningful marketing that educates and inspires and then “sells”. He brings technology and production skills to everyday businesses and fiercely passionate about finding innovative ways to change the world in the smallest ways possible.

You read more at his blog: SeanDeminski.com

About Sean

"We can change the world by all working out of our abundance and in the areas we have grace"

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